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The vaults make up your secure data store where important documents are kept safe and encrypted. Only your loved ones (recipients) or your delegates (people you collaborate with) are allowed access to your vaults.

 IronClad Family has created secure vaults for family photos, legal documents, health directives, financial data and online accounts. Please note that once you have uploaded files within the planning tab, you will not be able to assign them to a vault unless you create a vault or more. 


The steps below will guide you in setting up a vault.

1)       Click on the Vault tab in your dashboard.

2)       Click Create Vault.

3)       Type a Vault name, then select a color code and click ok.

4)       Now you can click on the vault you just created which will display options to configure the vault on the left pane.

5)       Click Settings

6)       Now you can see 3 settings options for your vault:

a. Delivery Conditions

b. Delegates

c. Recipients

7)       Click Delivery Conditions. You can choose how to have your vault delivered to the designated recipients (instructions on assigning recipients in step 10 below). A vault can either be delivered based on “Death or Incapacitation” of vault owner, or on a certain Date like a child's 18th birthday for example or simply Manually using the “Deliver Now” button. 

Note: Once a vault is delivered, it cannot be edited.


8)       Click on Delegates. You can select which delegate(s) can collaborate with you on managing this vault. Please note that you can create delegates in the planning tab. Please refer to this article for instructions on Adding Delegates. 


9)      Click on Recipients. You can select which Recipients(s) will receive the contents of this vault. Please note that you can create Recipients in the planning tab. Please refer to this article for instructions on Adding Recipients.

10)     Note that you can click Preview Delivery Link to see how any of your recipients will receive the information you designated for them to receive. For complete instructions on how to do that, please refer to this article. 


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