Add a Recipient

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Recipients are beneficiaries of the information stored in your vaults. Follow the steps below to add recipients.

1)   Click on Recipients from the left pane in the home screen.

2)   Click +Add Recipient button.

3)   Type the contact information for your recipient.

4)   Make sure to write a personalized message for this recipient. This message will be the Greeting message they would see when they receive your vault(s) and are attempting to retrieve its content, so make sure it's thoughtful and comprehensive if you have any specific instructions or even emotions to convey to them.

5)  Now it is time to Create each Recipient's respective set of passphrases

6)    Complete the form to by choosing the minimum number of passphrases that the recipient will have to use to unlock your information at the time it is delivered to them. Type a question in the Question field and the required answer, or passphrase. Complete for all three passphrases even if you are only requiring one or two by the recipient just in case, they need an alternate question. Click save after completing the form and repeat the process if a second recipient was identified.


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